DIY Aromatherapy Projects

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Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to feel calm and centered. Each different scent can evoke different feelings and emotions, meaning its a powerful took for staying balanced during our hectic lives. There’s no need to go to a spa or spend a huge amount of money on a fancy treatment. Just try one of these DIY aromatherapy projects to turn your own home into a calm oasis.

Aromatherapy Candle

Lavender and rosemary are the two calming scents used in this beautiful candle. Dim the lights and fill your room with the soothing smells.

4 cups soy flakes
2 wicks with a metal base
20-30 drops lavender essential oil you can also create your own custom scents with your favorite oils.
20-30 drops rosemary essential oil
3/8 tsp dried rosemary per candle (optional)
3/8 tsp dried lavender per candle (optional)
2 jars glass or metal
skewer chop-stick, or a utensil for stirring the wax in the jar
2 large clothespins
2 washcloths or small towels. This isn’t mandatory but helps the wax from cooling too fast which can cause shrinkage and cracks., one for each jar

In a double-boiler (or large glass bowl on top of a pot filled with 1 cup of water), bring the water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat and add the soy flakes. Stir the soy flakes every minute, until they are reduced to a liquid. This process can take 5 minutes.

Once the soy is liquified, turn off the heat and dip the metal ends of the wicks into the wax. Place the ends in the center of each candle jar, pressing the metal ends down with a skewer or chop-stick until set. The wax acts like glue, securing the metal end at the bottom of the candle jar.
Once the metal end is set in the wax, gently straighten the wick and secure it at the mouth of the jar with a clothespin (resting on the jar).

Very gently, pour the wax (it helps to use a bowl or measuring cup designed for pouring liquids), into each jar. Add the essential oils to the wax (this is done to avoid burning the oils during the cooking process). I add 15 drops of each oil on each side of the jar. If desired, add the teaspoon each of dried herb. Using the skewer or chopstick, gently stir the wax, essential oils, and herbs (if using).

Wrap the jars in the dry washcloths, to prevent the wax from cooling too fast and shrinking or cracking. (This step isn’t mandatory, but helps if you’re concerned about cracks.) Let the candles sit for 24 hours, until fully set. Once set, remove the clothespins and washcloths, and trim the top of the wicks to 1 inch.

Scented Oil Satchets

Place one of these scented packs anywhere you need a little refresher: in a suitcase, drawer, or car. Customize yours with your favorite fabric!

Fusible Bonding Tape
Dried Lavender, potpourri, or other scented filler
*Scented rice can also be used as a filler. To make the scented rice simply mix 1/2 cup of regular rice with 10 drops or so of essential or fragrance oils.

Begin by cutting two matching pieces of fabric to size – one for the front and one for the back of the sachet. Any size or shape object can be used as a template or a square can simply be created from scratch.

Lay one of the fabric pieces right side down and line three of the four sides with fusible bonding tape.

Place the other piece of fabric on top – carefully lining up the edges of the two pieces – and iron to adhere the two pieces together, following the manufactures directions. This only takes seconds to complete.

Fill the sachet through the open end with dried lavender or scented potpourri.To finish, close the last open edge with an additional piece of fusible bonding tape. Once complete, trim the edges of the sachet, if needed.

Morning Oil

Rub this soothing oil all over in the morning to wake up your senses and feel ready to tackle the day!

Lavender, 10 drops
Sandalwood, 9 drops
Lemon, 6 drops
Geranium, 5 drops
60ml carrier oil of your choice

Blend the oils together and distribute in a small jar with eye dropper. Warm between hands and rub into face and neck.

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