DIY Pop-Up Birthday Card

Bella Breakdown

Trying to save a buck while still giving a loved one a beautiful card? Try making your own. Follow this simple steps to make an amazing homemade card. Refer to the video to help you through your card creation.
Take a plain card or even a sturdy piece of paper and make around four lines at the crease. Pop out the “cake tiers” and fold the card inwards to crease. On each “tier” add washi tape and it will look like frosting! Cut some colorful paper for candles. Add a small paper flame and glue to the back of the cake. Now for the fun part! Add some glue to the top and bottom of your card (or wherever you want) and sprinkle the confetti. Make sure you tap the card gently to get all of the excess glitter off. To add a special touch, you can buy a “Happy Birthday” stamp from a craft store and put it on the front of the card. Now glue the entire card to a slightly larger or same size card so no one is able to see how all of the magic happened.
Voila! You have a personalized, homemade birthday card!

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