How To Make Your $1 False Eyelashes Look Expensive

Bella Breakdown

We know just how intimidating fake eyelashes can be. They can be a little tricky, but they are actually simpler than you think. Once you warm up to them, they are a super great everyday option. Hop on over to the drug store and buy some cheap falsies! Here is how you make them look absolutely fabulous.
All you are going to need is your package of fake eyelashes and a spoolie. First, take the spoolie and brush out your fake eye lashes to ensure they aren’t twisted or clumped together. This will make application easier and will allow for a more seamless look. Next, throw those suckers onto your eyelash line. Watch the video above to see the perfect application process. If you are looking for a little bit more ‘pow’, apple a touch of mascara.
You now have the eyelashes of a goddess without paying a small fortune. Looking beautiful on a budget!

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