How You Can Help A Crying Kid

You might feel as though your child is crying for no reason. Especially if the tears have been brought upon by something completely irrational, like you gave them a spoon instead of a fork. We might not understand the causation of our children’s tears, but there are ways that we can help them to create emotional understanding when they’re crying.

First, it’s important to be totally calm when you approach your crying child. You’ll be no good if you’re upset or agitated as well. Second, don’t tell your child to ‘stop crying’. You’re making it seem as though their tears are invalid. Let them know that you are here for them, and you’re there to help them understand. Validate their feelings, tell them it is okay that they’re feeling the way they are and that you understand it’s hard for them. Suggest to them they do something else to take them out of the situation, and that it might make them feel better.

Give them the choice of taking a break from whatever they are doing, or if they want to try it again. Empower them, and if it’s possible ask them if they would like to understand why they’re feeling the way they feel. Explain to them frustration, exhaustion, sadness, or anger.

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