If You Value Your Beauty Sleep, Here Are 5 Things Not To Do Before Bed

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Our beds should be a place of comfort after a long and busy day, not where we struggle to sleep or fall asleep. There are a lot of potential contributing factors to an inability to fall asleep, whether it’s diagnosed as insomnia or not. If you are looking to get a good night’s rest more often than not, there are some things you definitely should not do before bed. Warning…they may be things that you definitely currently do! But it’s okay, we are here to help you kick old habits to the curb…it is a new year, after all.

Some of the main contributing factors to disrupted sleep patterns are caffeine, stress and health issues. We are going to focus on some of the simpler things that will help you to stop counting sheep and start getting sleep.

5 things not to do before bed:
1. Drink caffeine: caffeine can cause accelerated heart rate that can disturb your sleep cycle.
2. Check your work emails: don’t be guilty of restless sleep by association…when you work from bed, you associate the two, and make it harder to concentrate on relaxation rather than work.
3. Drinking water: having to go to the bathroom is a sure wake-up call.
4. Eat a large meal: eating heavy foods before bed can cause heart burn and indigestion, which both make it hard to sleep.
5. Using your smart devices: exposure to blue light suppresses the production of the sleep hormone.

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