Obtaining The Natural Look

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When you were little, your mother might have told you that the best makeup look is to look like you are wearing no makeup at all. I promptly ignored this bit of advice, and got into her eyeshadow palette that had literally all of the colors of the rainbow, which you can be certain I used all of…at one time. I also know a lot of us were guilty of over lining our eyes, and rocking a red lip whenever possible. I also know it took a lot of trial and error for us to finally find a foundation that matched the color of our neck lines. So if you haven’t quite mastered the “natural” look, here are some tips to help you do so:

1. It Takes A Lot
Even though you want to look like you’re wearing no makeup at all, it actually takes a lot of makeup to obtain the natural look. So be prepped for a lot of steps.

2. Focus On Your High Points
Focus on the points of your face that grab the most light, such as your forehead, cheeks, and nose. You’ll want to highlight with a natural complementary color, such as beige or peach. Be sure to apply primer at these high points before you begin with the rest of your make up as well.

3. Highlight Your Eyes
Don’t actually put highlighter on them, but brighten them with a lighter eyeshadow. Use whites, pinks, and beiges. Curl your lashes and use a dark mascara, or apply lashes that aren’t too over the top. Try and stay away from eyeliner if you can. Also be sure to fill in your eyebrows to somewhat match your hair. If your hair is dark, fill brows with a darker powder. If your hair is lighter, use a lighter beige or brown to fill your brows.

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