Penny Pinching Parents

Bella Breakdown

Kids are expensive. Just knowing the stats on how much you’ll spend on one of your children in a lifetime will make you forever want to be on birth control. I won’t scare you with the numbers. What I will tell you are a few ways that you can pinch some pennies when it comes to your children.

1. Free Stuff
If you have friends who have children, talk to them to see if they have children’s items you can have. Honestly you might not even have to ask, a lot of parents are happy to give away baby clothing among other things. Be sure to take all of the free samples your doctors have to offer, because they will!

2. Second-hand Stores
Stop operating under the fact that your kids stuff has to be new! It really doesn’t. There are a lot of items parents have had that their kids have hardly used. You can find a lot of great quality stuff at second-hand and consignment stores.

3. A Smart Registry
Don’t register for clothing. People will get you baby clothes no matter what. Baby clothes are really cute and people can’t help but buy it. Register for other things; necessity items such as bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.

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