Three Tips For Maintaining Your Friendship

Bella Breakdown

Maintaining a good, healthy friendship can be difficult, especially a long distance one. Here are some simple tips to ensure you don’t loose a great friend!

Write important dates down such as birthdays, friendship anniversaries, or any other important events. This will ensure you will be there for them for important times and will allow you to just catch up and have a good conversation.

Listen to your friend’s interests and actually try them out and learn more about them. This will give you guys something to do together and it will show them that you care about what they care about.

Support your friend even when it is an inconvenient time for you. More likely than not, you will want their support as some point as well and won’t want an excuse about how they don’t have much time to talk because of something at work. Make time for them.

Treat your friends how you want your friends to treat you. Friends are important for our health, so keep them close!

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