We Miss These 90’s Beauty Trends

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There is such an obsession with everything involving the 1990’s that I have to wonder, was that the golden age? Or, are the people of our generation just suckers for nostalgia? Either way there’s no question that the 1990’s brought us some really fantastic beauty trends. Some of which are making a major comeback in 2018.

1. Hair Styles
Hairstyles ranged from “The Rachel” a long, layered bob, to the short pixie look rocked by Halle Berry and Toni Braxton. We had the candy curls that Mary J. Blige made popular, and let’s be honest boosted the gel and hairspray industries. I don’t know about you, but I rocked some very chunky highlights.

2. Make Up
Makeup almost felt a little experimental in the 90s. We were not afraid of plucking out some very, very thin eyebrows. A look our modern day selves shudder at. We also generously applied sparkle, and flavored lip balms. Over lining the lips, with very dark liner and a lighter lipstick was extremely popular as well. Don’t forget the use of white eyeliner!

3. Skin Care
Remember the nose strips! I do, mostly because it was featured in my very favorite movie, “Clueless”. Did they really work? We’re not sure, but man were they cool. Laser hair removal also became a thing in the 90s, and has actually stuck around as an effective long term hair removal tool.

4. Accessorizing the Bod
Lip rings and tongue rings were extremely popular, seeing as how it was a time for grunge rock. You might have even gotten a lower back, or hip tattoo that you now massively regret. We wore toe rings, and overly decorated nails.

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