Will A Rose By Another Name Smell As Sweet?


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Many know there are different color roses, but there are also different shapes and scent. June is Rose Month so here’s a guide to learn the different meanings behind different roses.

One of the common known variance of roses is the long and short stem roses. Shorter stem roses or garden-length roses take 72 days for growth and long stem roses take 144 days for growth (accounting for the higher cost).

One of the most obvious color meanings is red for love being a common choice for men, while women tend to favor less popular colors. Pink roses offer many shades signifying joy, admiration, sweetness.

Most rose breeders will create names for the various color shades that will give the color meaning away. The purple rose is also know as the love of first sight, also signifying wanting to grow your relationship.

There are also multi-color roses or novelty roses, offering a variety of fading or ombre colored roses. Novelty roses also offer a variety of meanings for roses while offering a unique-looking rose.

Yellow roses are universal for friendship and signifying the joy that person brings to your life. One color that is less known is green that appears white with a slight green tint, this signifies abundant growth and constant renewal of energy.

Roses are also grown to last longer than traditional roses, allowing for greater availability. In the past most florists would have to get garden roses the day before the ceremony that would often last less than two days, now roses can last up to a week.

The traditional number of flowers is a dozen, but did you know that the quantity of flowers also has meaning? That’s correct and sending 12 flowers also sends the message ‘Be mine.’ A single rose says, “You are the one,” and sending 13 roses means secret admirer.

These are just a couple of meanings a rose can send, check out the video above for more on roses.

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