5 Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Getting More Done

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Keeping your mind on track to be productive can be a struggle for some. However, there are a few tricks one can do to make your brain do work even when it’s telling you it doesn’t want to.

Trick one would be to take the distractions away. The biggest distraction? Your smartphone. So, whenever you’re at work or needing to do some household chores put your phone away. “By having your smartphone out, you are literally bringing the IQ of the entire room down,” said one researcher from the University of Texas-Austin.

Open offices may be cool to the managers or job company, however, it is causing you to be less productive. In an open office, people constantly interact with their coworkers and due to humans being “social creatures” it causes them to stop work in order to interact with one another.

Even when knowing there is work to do. If you can, try working in a coffee shop. You might find yourself getting a lot more work done.

Along with putting your phone locked away in your desk, you might want to turn off those pesky notifications. Apps are designed to use psychological tricks to grab your attention and those dings throughout the day is how they do it.

So, if you’re truly wanting to get work done to turn your notifications off and focus your energy on productive tasks.

Author: Brittany Jones

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