6 Bad Habits That Are Terribly Unhealthy For You

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While you may have broken your New Year resolutions already it’s not too late for you to make some new ones. The plan to get your summer body or be kinder to strangers may have failed, but here are six bad habits that you can easily break to get your 2019 resolutions on track.

Probably everyone’s favorite activity, for both pleasure and necessity, eating can lead to a seriously unhealthy lifestyle. Eating when you’re hungry and not when you’re can save you from eating more calories than your body needs. Saving both you and your fitness regime.

Being Sedentary:
Ending a stress week by devoting your weekends to being a couch potato sounds exciting, but is not the best choice. Regulating your time watching TV to two hours a day and taking breaks to stretch your legs will definitely help you in the long run.

Trying to keep up the Joneses will never be a good financial idea. Track your spending by keeping a diary of all your purchases and expenses to make sure you’re not breaking the bank and going into debt. You can’t have caviar taste with a sardine budget.

Eating Fast Food:
Having a busy life may lead you to make unhealthy eating choices, like fast food. McDonald’s may sound delicious at the time, but your body isn’t going to enjoy the greasy food in the future. Avoid having to go through a drive-thru by prepping your meals ahead of time.

Drinking Too Much:
Everyone enjoys a wine glass or two to unwind from work, but save your liver by not going overboard with alcohol consumption. Try to save your organs by reserving your drinking to meal times and social events only.

Smoking Cigarettes:
The health warning on the side of cigarette packing should have already warned you, but in case you forgot: smoking can kill you. While cigarettes is more of an addiction it still deserves to be on the list of habits you should stop doing. The hardest to break there are many products, like nicotine gum, to help ones transition from smoking a little easier.

See how you can easily break these bad habits by watching the video above.

Author: Brittany Jones

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