A Guide to Reuniting With An Ex

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After a breakup, you may have found yourself plotting to get back together with your ex. You were thinking of every single way you could get them back, despite protests from friends and family members. Or, maybe you never wanted to see that person again, the thought of them disgusted you.

Now, let’s say some time has passed from the relationship’s end, and you have somehow ended up in contact with your ex again, and you are making plans to hang out. If you decide to go through with it, here are some tips to dealing with the reunion.

1. Have no expectations about what is going to happen, especially if you want to start dating them again. They might not want the same things. Feel out how the meet-up goes, and if you two plan to hang out again, well these might just be the first steps to getting back together.

2. Look for signs of change. There are obviously reasons you two broke up, so take note as to whether or not they have attempted to change any poor habits or behaviors. Also take note of if you have changed. Have your feelings changed? Has your attitude changed? Meeting with an ex is a good reference point as to whether or not you yourself have changed.

3. Decide if you want to be friends. You were with the person for a reason, and maybe enough time has changed to develop an actual friendship, which could be a really great thing.

Author: Haley DePass

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