Ashley Graham Says Beauty Industry Is Not Inclusive Enough

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Ashley Graham is a 31-year-old plus-size fashion and beauty model. In the year 2016, the brunette beauty, Ashley Graham, made history by being the very first plus-size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and she received a lot of backlash.

Basically, a great number of critics condemned the choice to put or rather to have Ashley Graham grace the cover according to them, it was glorifying being overweight. However, these criticism never for one slowed down her career as Ashley Graham went ahead to grace the cover of bigger magazines despite being plus-size.

This season, Ashley Graham is speaking up about the beauty industry not being inclusive enough and is calling for a change in the beauty industry. To Ashley Graham, beauty brands are not in touch with reality.

This is actually recent as Ashley Graham also revealed that beauty brands are still very much failing in the aspect of accommodating the everyday woman. According to Ashley Graham, the plus-size model revealed that beauty brands are not inclusive enough towards an ever growing female audience.

In other words, to Ashley Graham the beauty industry isn’t inclusive enough and is still constantly failing to accommodate the everyday woman. She said categorically that she wasn’t impressed by the fact that beauty companies haven’t really sat down to think about all types of women.

The plus-size supermodel is basically yearning and calling for a change in the beauty industry. She strongly believes that the beauty industry can make it happen and make it work by being all-inclusive and cater for the everyday woman. All Ashley Graham is yearning and calling out for is for the beauty industry to be more inclusive.

Well, we hope she sees that in 2019.

Author: Anastasia Smith

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