Awesome Couples Costumes For Halloween

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As October rounds the corner, you might excitedly be daydreaming about all of the possible costumes you can wear to parties, work, or school. It is especially exciting if you have a significant other or just really clingy best friend that you’ll want to team up with this Halloween to kill it with an awesome costume. So if you have a buddy this Halloween, here are some great costumes to try!

1. Bob Ross & A Happy Little Tree
Dressing up as Bob Ross and one of his happy little trees is an awesome costume. Creative and hilarious!

2. Goose & Maverick
Grab a zip up smock and some aviators and you are the dynamic duo from ‘Top Gun’.

3. Chip & Joanna Gaines
Just grab some tools and some paint swatches and you can be HGTV’s favorite house flipping couple.

4. Doug Funny & Patty Mayonnaise
A green vest, and a polka dotted shirt will put in the running for cutest cartoon couple!

5. Grace & Frankie
Some super comfortable, loose boho chic clothes, and a glass (or five) of wine and you are the funniest duo on Netflix.

6. Gomez & Morticia Adams
Dig out some black wigs, a pinstripe suit, and a long black dress and you two will be fantastic as TV’s creepiest married couple!

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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