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You might be looking into your closet thinking about how blah your current wardrobe is. You also might be looking into your wallet and thinking about you definitely do not have enough money to update the wardrobe in question. Don’t fret, you can take some of those outdated old clothes and spruce them up at home with just a pair of scissors, your mom’s sewing kit, and a little creativity.

If you have a shirt dress, or a large t-shirt that you feel like you might never wear again, you can turn it into basically a work of art. Pull out some scissors and cut and pull fringes, and knot. You can create an amazingly intricate, fringed skirt. Turn a pleated skirt into a super cute flowy off the shoulder top.

You can take a collared shirt an ex might’ve left, and not only take some joy in cutting it up, but also create a super cute top. Turn those stretchy pants into a cute, backless halter that you can either dress up or dress down. People will definitely be wondering where you got this whole new wardrobe, and probably won’t believe you when you say you created these looks yourself!

Author: Haley DePass

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