Crazy Crafts You Might Have Never Considered Trying

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Bella Breakdown

Whether your a crafting pro or a creative novice, there are all sorts of new crafting projects to explore including some that are less popular but totally should be. We breakdown some of the less popular craft projects that you’ll want to try once you know more.

Paint by Diamond

This is a more sparkly version of the classic paint by number project and is offered in a convenient kit that contains all the supplies you’ll need for your project. When you’re done it makes for a great piece of wall art for your home with many different picture options.

Water Dip Painting

There are more ways to paint than ever before including water dip painting that seems a bit odd but achieves a unique marble print that can be used for practically everything. You can use this method on clothes, phone cases, tumblers, canvases, and more. All you need is a big bucket or bin filled with water and drip the paint ontop then swirl and dip.

Repurposing old food bags for new storage bags

This is an easy project and is a great way to create bags for a multitude of purposes including organizing craft supplies, storing your makeup, or storing your essential cords. Just take your favorite snack foil bag and iron gently with parchment paper, attach a clasp or zipper and you’ve got a cute upcycled storage bag.


Slime is a popular crafting project now more than ever with new ways to create unique slime including mood color-changing and endless amounts of glitter. There are so many different ways to make slime now and when you’re done playing with it you can use it to help life dust off your keyboard and other surfaces.

Author: Sue Swinea

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