Diamond Finger Piercings Are The New Engagement Rings

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Diamonds are forever with this new piercing trend. People are now replacing their engagement rings with finger piercings. They are a type of microdermal piercing, which appear on flat surfaces of the body like the collarbone, back or cheeks. Engagement piercings appear on the ring finger in place of a traditional ring. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. The piercing costs between $100 and $200, but the stone is an additional cost. Healing will take up to 20 weeks.

Physicians have already expressed concern over the trend and advise that they should be performed with intense care, to protect important structures in the fingers. Since we use our fingers for nearly everything, there is an increased exposure to bacteria and the danger of the diamond snagging. All microdermal piercings can be removed, so while it’s possible to have an engagement piercing removed, it will be more painful than the initial piercing. A specialist has to remove the dermal anchor that secures the ring, which is more complicated and painful. Would you say yes to this kind of engagement ring?

Author: Amy

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