Embarrassing Workout Questions Finally Answered

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For people who aren’t the most fit going to the gym is a very intimidating activity. However, when you do manage to get a good workout in, questions begin to arise about certain things that you may know nothing about. To help you, here are the answers to some of your most embarrassing questions.

Why do my workout clothes smell so bad?
The smell of your workout clothes doesn’t necessarily mean you stink. “Odor doesn’t come from the sweat itself; it comes from the bacteria that break down the sweat,” said Katie Horwitch, a New York City-based trainer. Stuffing that bacteria-ridden clothing in a gym bag is just a way for that bacteria to basically have a party.

If washing your clothes isn’t possible, hang your workout gear out to dry before throwing them in the hamper. When it is time to wash, turn the clothes inside out since that’s where the bacteria and sweat started to accumulate.

Why do I fart when I exercise?
No one is judging you for what your body does beyond your control. We all have let out a fart or two while running, so don’t feel alone. According to Horwitch, moving, jumping and twisting your organs are also moving, jumping and twisting. Luckily, you can minimize your gas by avoiding carbonated beverages and gas-producing foods like cruciferous veggies, wheat, and dairy before a workout.

Author: Maya Dixon

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