For The Wellness Friend: A Gift Guide For The Person Who Has It All Together

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From maca powder to matcha lattes, we all have a friend that’s always ahead of the wellness trends. They were jade rolling their faces and taking vitamins A-Z before the rest of us even knew what toner was.

Dermarolling, lymph drainage trampolines, juicing…whatever it may be, they have all of the gizmos, gadgets, and grocery items to make up for a wellness routine fit for the queen. Though this person can be difficult to shop for, we’ve rounded up some essential wellness items to make their holiday season filled with self-care. The best part? Everyone needs some wellness gifts for some extra self lovin’ this time of year, so these gifts are perfect for anyone on your list that still needs shopping for.

1. Essential oils
Most everyone has a diffuser now so opt for a less common oil, maybe one scent that’s personal to them.

2. An ultra-luxe lip balm
For the winter months, a deeply hydrating lip mask will rid them of chapped and cracked lips. Find one infused with CBD for an ultra-calming experience.

3. A clean, organic, paraben-free sunscreen
Even in the winter, the UV rays are just as strong. Spoil the person on your list with the gift of well-protected skin.

4. A guided journal
An aesthetically pleasing prompted journal will give them the chance to clear their mind in a less-stressful way than staring at a blank piece of paper.

5. A cute water bottle
Though they probably already drink double the water of a normal person, nothing makes drinking water more fun than having a cute bottle to drink out of.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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