Get In Touch With You Creativity With This Crafting Subscription Service


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There are many ways to get in touch with your creative side and one female-powered startup is giving you the chance to explore new crafts and DIY projects. The Crafter’s Box is a subscription service that delivers craft supplies including a digital workshop hosted by an experienced artist.

The Crafter’s Box offers a unique crafting activity monthly and also has its own marketplace so if you like any of the crafting materials that you got in your subscription you can buy them through their marketplace. The kit includes all the materials you’ll need for your project including high-quality tools that are made of sustainably sourced materials.

The Crafter’s Box also offers additional add-on kits if your keen for more projects or want to gift one to a crafty friend. They offer crafts including quilting, macrame, weaving, wood carving, working with stain glass, knitting, crocheting, and more.

This concept is a female-powered startup that supports small family businesses as well as artists. Subscription members also have access to their online educational workshops to learn more crafts along with ways to improve their techniques and learning new tips.

The Crafter’s Box also offers a Maker Chats feature where members can ask questions for the featured artists during live Q&A sessions. This is also a great chance to explore new crafters to learn more and get inspiration for new projects.

They offer subscription options including once a month or once every three months with the options to pause, reactivate, swap, skip, or cancel the plan from your account with the standard charge date on the 15th. Open enrollment for their subscription plan is between the 10th to 20th every month with the option for monthly ($65) or 3 months ($180) but they also have a video-only access option that you can enroll in at anytime for $20/month.

Author: Karli Wallace

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