Get Rid Of Dry Hands The Jonathan Van Ness Way

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There are so many amazing things about the show “Queer Eye”. Not only do I cry every single time I watch the show, but I also get amazing tips about style, design, self care, and cooking. I love how at the end of the show, the guys will give one fabulous tip that can always be instantly applied to life.

In the latest episode I watched, Jones Bar-b-q (which was, in my humble opinion, the best episode yet), the show ended with a tip from Johnathan. He wanted to let the viewers know that they need not get downtrodden by dry hands. Instead, they only need follow these simple steps:

1. Exfoliate
If your hands are dry, it’s important to exfoliate, or get rid of the dead skin, so that they can give your hands a fresh start. Use a simple brown sugar scrub to freshen up those cracky hands.

2. Wash
After exfoliation, rinse off the product to get rid of left over skin and leave your hands feeling soft as a baby’s bottom.

3. Dry
Soak up the excess water with a soft towel.

4. Moisturizer
Lather your new baby skin with a moisturizing lotion. Add SPF in there for extra protection. Our hands are one of the parts of our body that we often forget to protect from UV rays.

5. Socks
This may seem silly, but if you put socks over your hands after moisturizing and before you go to sleep, the socks will trap the moisturizer until it is all soaked up. Then, you will wake up to beautiful, suave hands!

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