How To Care For A New Tattoo

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So you finally got the tattoo you wanted flaunting the specific design you picked and now you need tips on how to take proper care of it. Here are a few basic tips to help you with the aftercare for your most recent tattoo.

1. Talk about your allergies
Ensure you talk about your allergies with the artist so they know what to avoid and use. Most times people are allergic to latex and metals used for tattoo application.

2. Be informed about the tattoo covering
For convenience and care, it is good for you to ask about the type of covering your artist would use on the fresh ink of your tattoo. The duration of these coverings vary, So ask questions to know for how long the covering will stay.

3. Follow your artist’s guide
Most times you are given a leaflet that has a guide on the steps to take, be sure to follow only the aftercare instructions given by your artist only.

4. Keep it moisturized
Most times you are told to leave the covering for a few hours then to gently remove it and wash with lukewarm water and mild soap then moisturize.

5. Avoid water
It is best to avoid water on it, it is okay to have showers but immersing the tattoo in baths could be dangerous.

6. Protect it from the sun
Direct Sunlight would do your skin no good especially the area that has your tattoo. When you need to be in the sun, make sure you use a cream with high SPF.

7. Be patient
Tattoo healing depends on how fast your body heals and the size of the design. So take your time.

You could always go for a retouch after healing. Watch out for unusual occurrences on your skin, if any report it immediately.

Author: Amy Richardson

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