IKEA Supports Bee Population With DIY Bee Home Kit

(Photo: Beeing)

Bella Breakdown

The flat-pack furniture company IKEA is offering a DIY kit to create a Bee Home to help support the bee population from one of its innovation hubs, Space10. The Bee Home is designed to create a safe space in several sizes and styles for bees to support the population numbers for bees.

Users can choose the ideal style, size, and desired place for the DIY Bee Home online, then share those designs with a makerspace to build their dream bee home. Bees are threatened by low population numbers that can lead to extinction and conservation efforts are important to address.

One of the main threats to the bee population is due to humans destroying the natural habitats of bees. This project hopes to help save the bee population one Bee Home at a time.


IKEA and Space 10 collaborated with industrial designer, Tanita Klein, and technology-driven design company, Bakken & Bæck, to create a bee home for everyone to enjoy. The Bee Home provides a safe place for bees to live while promoting the local flower life.

You can visit the Bee Home website to see the different designs.

Author: Carolyn Andrews

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