Make-Up Meets Magic Marker

Bella Breakdown

A colorful new collection of makeup is coming from your childhood as Crayola announces the launch of their new make up line. I mean, we did enough drawing on our faces with their crayons and markers, it’s only fair they let us do it in the proper way when we’re adults.

Crayola Beauty is a partnership with ASOS to bring the bright and eccentric colors of the crayon box to makeup artists of all ages. The entire collection has 58 different products in 95 shades, making it as diverse as those giant crayon boxes we used to love getting for Christmas.

The only way to purchase is to go through the ASOS website, as they are sold exclusively there. But the beauty in all the products is they are packaged and designed to look exactly like the crayons and markers they sell in art stores.

It’s like an adult fantasy all grown up. While we are not sure how popular the line will be, it is certain that Crayola is making moves even bolder than the colors they advertise.

Author: Josh Harlow

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