Oreo’s New Holiday Cookie

(Photo Credit: Oreo)

Bella Breakdown

Making a gingerbread house may be a family tradition but watching your hours of work collect ants over the weeks to then be thrown in the trash is a harsh reality difficult to face. In theory, a gingerbread house should be delicious—crunchy gingerbread cookies with yummy icing and candy?

What could be wrong with that? But something about the pre-packaged pre-baked cookies with a crunch so hard it could break your tooth isn’t so appetizing.

In light of the decades of frustration, everyone’s favorite cookie came out with its own “gingerbread” house building kit, and it seems much more likely to be eaten. Oreo’s Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit is hitting the shelves and bound to be a hit.

The kit comes with all the classics for cookie house building kits—pre-made and pre-cut chocolate cookie house pieces, icing (presumably the same tasting icing as the classic Oreo cookies), Oreo cookies, mini Oreo cookies, gummy candies, and decorative hard candies. The kit comes in two sizes, standard and mini, for all levels of dedication to cookie building.

From last year’s Peep’s cookie building kit to Oreo’s kit this year, it seems as though this previously uncharted territory is opening the doors for an entirely new holiday industry.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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