Skipping Lunch Could Be Putting Your Health At Risk More Than You Think

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Choosing to skip lunch isn’t keeping you as healthy as you may think. While forgetting to eat lunch once in awhile won’t have that big of an effect on you, making it into a constant habit will.

When you are constantly skipping meals it will lead to your binge eating during dinnertime because you are now feeling hungrier than normal. Additionally, those that skip meals actually burn fewer calories and have less energy. This has more to with an individual’s metabolism.

When food is consumed, metabolism levels rise. Without food to digest, metabolism levels go down. No food in an empty stomach means there is no energy to gain. When food is finally consumed, metabolism levels rise but the food may be stored because the body has no idea when it will get fed again.

Not only will you not burn as many calories, but you’re putting yourself at risk for Type 2 diabetes. Skipping meals lead you to eat more which leads to your blood sugar levels and insulin responses rising.

Other effects of skipping lunch include; dizziness, fatigue, bone loss, and decreased immunity. If you eating lunch isn’t a possibility try snacking throughout the day, so your body is still getting some type of fuel in its system.

Author: Brittany Jones

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