The Best Gifts For Your Fit Friend

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Finding the perfect gift for people is so satisfying… and difficult. Some of the easiest go-to’s are candies, baked goods, and wine which may be heavily appreciated by some (me) but perhaps less appreciated by your more health-conscious friends. Fitness gurus and health aficionados may be sick of the gift of leggings and workout bands though and hoping for some other items this year. You’ll be their favorite person if you ditch the shaker bottles for some of these awesome gifts. The best part? Anyone will appreciate the gift of a more wellness-focused 2020 so stock up for all your gift-giving needs this season.

Wireless Headphones

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Apple, Beats, JBL and Sony (just to name a few) all have incredible wireless earbuds for the fitness fanatic in your life. give them the gift of convenience so they don’t have to hold their phone while running or balance it on their body while doing floor exercises.

Protein and Supplement Powders

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With tons of flavors, protein powders aren’t gross anymore! Having multiple flavors not only packs in different vitamins and minerals, but it also keeps things fresh by beating the monotony of vanilla every day. Gift them a fun flavor—like s’ mores or caramel—that they can put in smoothies, use in baking or mix in their blender bottle.

A Cute Gym Bag

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Long gone are the days of plain and boring black gym bags that get easily mixed with everyone else’s. Buy your health friend a gym bag that is personal to them. it could be their favorite color, from a favorite brand, or incorporate details that suit their lifestyle.

Food Subscriptions

From healthy meal options like Hello Fresh to smoothies from Daily Harvest, the gift of a food-based subscription will be the perfect addition to their meal prep plan.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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