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If I could choose to exclusively shop at any store, it would probably be Target. I honestly would live in that store. This isn’t an ad, this is just a woman in love speaking. Target has a lot of great affordable products, and is honestly the place where I get a lot of my beauty products.

Now, if you are the type of person who runs themselves financially into the ground buying high end makeup, you may want to take a break, at least for the holidays, and buy some beauty products from Target! Here are some of the best, and most affordable beauty products to find at Target:

E.l.f. Mineral Primer
E.l.f. is one of Target’s own beauty products. It is a great product that is insanely cheap! The mineral primer leaves a beautiful shine and is a great base for your makeup.

Haley’s Liquid Foundation
If you prefer a liquid foundation that isn’t going to fully matte your face with coverage, and give you some room to blend, this is a great foundation to try, and somewhat of an unknown product.

Pacifica Minimal Neutralizing Mattifier
This is a really nice powder that does not sit too heavily on your face.

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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