Winter Is Coming, Prepare Your Skin

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Winter weather may be fun for sports, snow angels, cuddling up by the fire, and getting into the holiday spirit, but it’s not fun for your skin. The dropping temperatures, harsh winds, and drying air is a one-way ticket to cracked and dry skin.

From your cuticles to your heels, your entire body feels the harsh effects of winter’s anti-hydrating antics. Estheticians will preach pricey facials and multiple spa visits to fully take care of your skin, but who has time for that?

To prepare for the season at home and hopefully prevent your skin from looking like the cracked grounds of the desert, here are some re-hydrating tips that won’t break the bank.


  1. Apply your moisturizers and lotions immediately after washing your face and showering. When your skin is still damp, lathering on moisturizer actually helps seal in the water on your skin, resulting in double hydration.
  2. Continue applying sunscreen. Just because you aren’t out tanning and laying poolside doesn’t mean your skin isn’t still being blasted with UV rays. When snow is on the ground, the sunlight reflects strongly off the whites and onto your ski
  3. Hydrate within for results without. Caking on moisturizes can only do so much for your skin but increasing your water intake and snacking on foods with high water content (most fruits and vegetables) help to re-hydrate cells from within, giving your skin a more plump and young appearance.
  4. Purchase a humidifier. Let’s bring some moisture back into this air! Run a humidifier while you sleep to prevent dry-out from running the heater.
  5. Nix the alcohol-based skincare products. These products are great at zipping zits but wreak havoc on dry skin. Opt for facial oils and moisturizers rich in vitamins and low in harsh chemicals.

The Night King won’t stand a chance against your hydrated, collagen-supporting skin!

Author: Brooke West

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