The Gerolsteiner Detox Has Us Sparkling Inside And Out!

Gerolsteiner is the world’s number one sparkling mineral water for a reason, packed full of minerals and electrolytes all while maintaining a refreshing and delicious flavor!

Staying hydrated is easier said than done, with temptations like coffee and The Diet Soda That Shall Not Be Named, water is very often the last resort when choosing a beverage. Luckily, Gerolsteiner figured out the perfect way to get people drinking water that they ENJOY with their delicious sparkling mineral water with an upcoming challenge: The Sparkling Detox Challenge! Beginning September 11th and lasting five days, Gerolsteiner challenges you to drink ONLY Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water for the entirety of the five days.

This satisfying sparkling mineral water will keep you hydrated and feeling great all day, we bet that after this challenge you’ll find it much easier to pass on the soda and go with the water! Not only does taking the Sparkling Detox Challenge maintain amazing hydration, it is also packed full of minerals that our bodies crave and need!

The Sparkling Detox challenge urges those new to the mineral water along with those who have been downing bottles since day one to finally focus on themselves. The social world we live in sometimes makes it difficult to remember your wellbeing is important. The goal is to learn how to achieve the healthy lifestyle that seems so unattainable, and to realize that something as simple as swapping sugar for water can make all the change for your physical and mental well-being!

Lucky for us, we got to start the Detox early so we could tell you first-hand just how amazing it made us feel; and let me just say, the change was astonishing. As avid coffee and tea drinkers, none of us thought we’d survive five days without an IV of caffeine let alone ONLY drinking water!

Boy were we far from correct, not only did we survive those 5 days, but we decided to keep going with the detox and make it a lifestyle change. Never in a million years would we have thought the day would come where none of us needed a Starbucks run by 12 PM.

Interested in joining the Sparkling Detox?  Join the Sparkling Detox Facebook Group! Where you can share your experiences, ask questions and get for advice from nutrition/fitness expert Ariane Hundt. A lucky 300 participants will win a case of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water, which makes it super easy to reach that recommended 2.4 liters a day!

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