The Weight Of Love

The happiness of a new relationship is often unmatched. You are excited and glowing from all of the feelings of infatuation, lust, and even love. You find that you are so happy just being on the couch with your new bae, that you never want to get up. Thus bringing us to our next finding. It turns out that people in new relationships are gaining a shocking amount of weight.

Two thousand people in relationships were surveyed in a poll by Jenny Craig, and it turns out that the average individual gains around 36 pounds since they started dating their partner. 17 of those pounds were gain just within the first year. So why is it that we are gaining so much weight with one another?

Well when you’re dating something you are likely going out to more restaurants, and just eating out more in general. You are also probably skipping out on your workouts to spend time with your significant other, and odds are you’re not working out together. You are a lot more likely to being hanging out on the couch, or at the movies, or simply just sitting and eating together. The love pounds start to add up.

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