Activated Charcoal – Trend or Foe?

Bella Breakdown

We’ve seen the videos of the super sticky charcoal face masks, the slightly nauseating black toothpaste, and even the black activated charcoal ice cream! To say that activated charcoal has become a slight trend is an understatement.

This is especially true with Instagram influencers posting videos of their experiences with activated charcoal products. For some reason we just can’t stop watching them rip out their pores, and making their teeth look like something out of a “Blair Witch” remake.

But is the consumption of activated charcoal dangerous? While actually consuming it might not be dangerous, the use of activated charcoal on your teeth could actually be really harmful. The reason activated charcoal has the ability to remove set in wine and coffee stains is because it’s actually extremely abrasive. Many dentists feel that the charcoal is actually taking off the very important layers of enamel you have on your teeth.

It’s pertinent to note that some people have stronger tooth enamel than others, and while the charcoal might not completely effect those with strong enamel, it could very well cause pain, discomfort, and further depletion to those with weak enamel. So before you click the link in the bio of your favorite influencer’s Instagram, you may want to consider a different form of teeth whitening.

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