Ashley Graham’s 5 Favorite Bodyweight Exercises

Bella Breakdown

Ashley Graham demonstrates her top 5 bodyweight exercises including squats, lunges, and planks.


Squats: Keep the weight on your heels as you bring your booty down in the bottom of your squat. Do five reps.


Backward Lunge: With your hips Square, press through your friend he’ll to return to start. Do you five reps.


Curtsy Lunge: Make sure your front knee is tracking over your front ankle. Do five reps.


Triceps Dip: Keep your hands pointed toward heels and elbows tracking backward through movement. Do five reps.


Plank: Look at a spot on the floor just about a foot in front of your fingertips. Doing this will help keep your neck and spine neutral. Hold for 60 seconds.

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