Bananas For Beauty

Bella Breakdown

Today’s beauty products are all about ingredients derived from nature. We know too much to be putting unnecessary chemicals all over our bodies. One of the newest trends has been banana infused beauty products. In general, bananas are chock full of key vitamins and minerals.

Because bananas are so high in Vitamin E, they make an amazing moisturizer. The antioxidants bananas contain are extremely helpful for cell repair, and promoting elasticity.

A lot of beauty professionals are infusing bananas in their face masks. Bananas along with all natural yogurt is a great way to promote anti-aging and stave off greasy skin. There are a number of beauty products you can either purchase or create with bananas that will be extremely beneficial to your skin!

Bananas are easy to mash, mush, and mix with items such as avocados, clays, essential oils to make a really great mask for your face.

Place banana beauty products underneath your eyes, around your mouth, even on your chest. These are typically spots where signs of aging occur, and your banana mask can help that skin bounce right back with its elastic properties.

Who knew this produce item you might be eating for breakfast every day would make such a fantastic addition to your beauty routine!

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