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The internet is one of my favorite things because, hello, memes, but also they level of simple genius that people come up with to make your life easier is unmatched. The life and beauty hack videos you can find on the internet are extremely helpful. There’s nothing complicated about them, and you usually have whatever they use in the video lying around your house. There are a few beauty hacks that are basically next level.

1. Put a bag over your head. No seriously. If you’re putting on a light colored sweater, but you don’t want to get your makeup all over it, or frizz up your hair, stick a bag over your head and put on your sweater!

2. I don’t know about you but if I end up sleeping with my face in the pillow, my eyebrows get stuck in the strangest positions. Take an eyebrow brush and roll it on a bar of soap. Then use the brush on your eyebrows. Fill your eyebrows, and you are basically perfection.

3. Can’t find your eyelash curler? No worries, grab a spoon and use the round side to curl up your eyelashes. Then use the spoon as you apply your mascara. This not only gives you extra curl, but also protects your eyeshadow.

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