Jaw-Dropping Makeup Transformations

The makeup game is ever-evolving with crazy trends and application techniques, but these artists use makeup to create a work of art. Makeup may alter someone’s appearance, but now is used to create over-the-top looks and even some aspects of optical illusion.

One makeup artist is known for his Disney cosplay makeup, known for his Instagram handle @Jooskellington. You may have seen one of his viral videos of his Disney character transformations and uses professional makeup prosthetic appliances to achieve his look.

Another makeup artist that is blowing up on Instagram is Ophélie, but is better known for her handle @simple.symphony for her flawless makeup tutorials. This young makeup artist’s true passion is for horror makeup effects that make for cringe-worthy makeups from your nightmares.

Instagram makeup artist Mimi Choi gives some of the best makeup tutorials for optical illusions. Her makeups are something that need to be seen and are difficult to describe, but I’m still willing to try. In a recent post she did a makeup applications that looks like a phone laying on her face with the camera on, so you can see her face as it would appear on the phone screen.

Some makeup artists are evolving into body painting, including Mirjana Kika Milosevic for her amazing optical illusion transformations. One of her best works resembles the old magician trick of sawing a woman in half with the appearance of her upper and lower body to be separated.

Some of these makeups seem too good to be true, but you can check all these makeup applications in the videos above.

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