Period Pain Is A Thing Of The Past With This New Device

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One thing that’s almost a guarantee in every woman’s life is her monthly cycle…something us women have to deal with, one week out of the month (sometimes more than that), for majority of our lives. Too bad it’s not a week-long vacation once a month, or a week-long shopping extravaganza or hey, even a pampering spa week…those would all be nice. And much better than aunt flow, right ladies?

But, technology has made a lot of things in our lives easier, and it’s high time someone came up with some sort of invention to make our periods easier to handle. This device may be the answer to your period prayers…the sensor that stops period pain. Of course, the sensor comes in a bevy of cute colors and is small and discreet.

The creators of the Livia Sensor boast that you will never have to deal with menstrual cramps again. There are two small patches that you attach to your skin, in areas that you feel the most intense cramps. It then transmits small electric pulses to your abdomen that distracts your brain from the cramps. In short, it prevents your brain from receiving pain signals from your uterus. Now, you will still get cramps, but you won’t feel them nearly as much.

The small rechargeable sensor that could fit in your palm has 24 pulse settings and a clip that you can attach it to the side of your pants, under your shirt. It sells for $149 and could be the answer to your period pains. So, maybe it’s time to flush those pain meds down the toilet and allow technology to make your life quite a bit easier…and a little more pain free!

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