Repairing Damaged Hair

Bella Breakdown

With the winter months approaching, you might have noticed how gross your hair is being. It could be dry, your scalp could be flakey. Or, if you are like me, you might have dyed your hair one too many times and are experiencing some major breakage on your locks. So, how can we repair our damaged, dry hair?

Start In the Shower
We have a tendency to shampoo our hair all the way down to the roots, however our scalp is really the only part that needs to cleaning agent shampoo provides. When you shower, start only shampooing the roots. Now, when it comes to conditioning, you should be doing that every day. However, to avoid an overly oily scalp, just condition from the ears down to the ends of your hair. Also, be sure that your shower isn’t so hot it’s producing steam. Steam definitely drys out the hair and scalp.

Leave It In
Use leave in products in your hair overnight. So many leave-in’s have amazing benefits that can really help to strengthen and moisturize your hair. If you’re not sure what product to get, putting coconut oil in your hair is a fantastic natural solution to repair that dead hair.

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