Shock Your Butt Into Shape

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Looking for a new and interesting way to get your booty in shape? Well this ‘shocking’ workout is trending in New York City. Shock Therapy, founded by Esra Cavusoglu, is an electro muscle stimulation training. The workout is used in Canada, all over Europe, South America, South Africa, and now the Big Apple.

So how does it work? While you are working out, patches are put directly on your butt and deliver the electric pulse which goes straight to muscle. The pulse contracts and detracts your muscles. The pulses penetrate the deepest layers of your muscle and activates your slow and fast twitch muscles. Everyone is different, so the pulses and level of intensity are modified based on the individual. The therapy is also great for boosting your metabolism. They also advise their clients not to come in more than once or twice a week.

The workout is only about 20 minutes and is a great way to make your muscles stronger, faster, and more explosive. All of this sounds so great but what are you paying? For an individual class it costs $55 and a package of 10-classes costs $200.

To see results, it is suggested that you go twice a week for four weeks. By then, you may have shocked your way to the booty of your dreams.

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