This Diet Is Nuts

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Okay so, it’s not a full on diet, but it is what you should be adding into your diet. Nuts! No, not like ‘crazy’. You should be adding nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc. into your daily diet. One serving of nuts daily could actually really help your heart health, and aid in overall weight loss. The American Heart Association presented these findings at the scientific sessions in 2018.

The idea of adding nuts into your daily diet is all about replacement. It has been noted that as adults age, they gradually gain about 1 pound a year. By replacing unhealthy snacking with nuts instead, adults can actually slow this unhealthy weight gain quite significantly.

The replacement of unhealthy snacks with nuts not only helps with weight gain, but also decreases the risk for adults developing heart disease and diabetes. Nuts tend to be far more filling than a snack of chips, and are usually more satisfying to eat than fruits or vegetables. So if you’re having trouble with your weight, or you’re afraid you are at risk for diabetes and heart disease, don’t go for the chips. Grab yourself a bag of almonds, Brazil nuts, or walnuts and start snacking. It’s a great thing to have at work, instead of that candy drawer.

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