You Can Now Drink (or Eat) Your Sunscreen – Sort Of!

Bella Breakdown

Chances are that when you see a partygoer passing a bottle of pills around, the contents of that bottle aren’t going to be good for you. But in the case of this month’s fitness-trend de jure health is the optimal goal.

The latest craze to hit the Hamptons comes in pill form – but it isn’t a party drug, it’s sunscreen!


Heliocare is the latest trending one-a-day dietary supplement for the rich and playful and it’s designed to help your skin protect itself from the harmful effects of free radicals.

The folks at Heliocare aren’t the only ones jumping on the edible suncare bandwagon.


There’s also a supplement drink called UVO, a revolutionary vitamin supplement specifically formulated to protect and repair your skin from sun damage. Made for those of you who prefer to have your sunscreen in drink form as opposed to pills or lotions.

Now, the big question, do products like these work? Well, we’re not sure because doctors point out that there that is no real proof that edible products like these are effective against the dangers of sun exposure.

So, while in theory, supplements like UVO and Heliocare are great, it remains to be seen whether they can really stand up to the powerful rays of the sun.

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