Foods Even Chefs Refuse To Put In The Microwave

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The microwave ovens have been a handy tool no one has been able to pass since post-World War II. Even though using the kitchen appliance can help bring your leftover foods back to life, there are just some even chefs refuse to let the microwave ruin.

The heating device can rapidly make your food ready consumptions, but chefs say pizza is not one of those foods. Instead of reheating with a microwave, putting your leftover pizza in the oven or on top of the stove will work even better in getting the pie back to its original state.

There’s just something about bread and microwaves that just do not mix. Leaving any type of bread in the appliance runs the risk of you getting some chewy dough. So it’s no surprise that chefs don’t use this particular oven to cook bagels. Besides, that’s what the toaster oven is for.

The third food item chefs keep out of the microwave is steak. The issue with reheating the meat in the microwave is that it will dry out the meat. If you have time to spare, use the oven method. It will take around 30 minutes, but just heat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and checking the steak every now and then.

Have leftovers with lettuce you want to reheat? Don’t. Or at least take the lettuce out before putting your food in the microwave. Like all other foods you put in the appliance, moisture is effected when reheated. With lettuce having high water content leaving you with some soggy greens.

See what other foods made the list by watching the video above.

Author: Maya Dixon

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