Healthy Food Fads That Are Just As Bad For You

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Diet fads have come and gone over the many years of people trying to get in the best shape. Like the many diets that nutritionists live and die by, there are also food fads that are deemed “healthy” though that might not be the case. Here are some healthier food fads that aren’t as healthy as advertised.

It may sound fancy and exotic, but agave nectar is not the best for your body. Compared to other sugars, agave holds fructose content that is just as high, if not more.

Coconut Oil:
With uses for food, hair, skin and a variety of things one would think coconut oil was the greatest thing created. However, the American Heart Association has recently claimed that coconut oil is the worst thing for your cholesterol. Due to its high saturated fat, it is best not to consume the oil excessively.

Juice Cleanses:
Cleansing your body of toxins and other bad things may work for a short-term purpose, but it has no long-term effects. The purpose of many juice cleanses is to lose weight, which it does since it restricts calorie intake. Unfortunately, most of the weight that is lost during the cleanse is usually gained right back.

Now that you know the worst “healthy” food fads, watch the video above to learn about the best.

Author: B.J. Mims

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