It’s A Drugstore Look

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I have never been the person to spend more than $30 on a makeup product. Even having had admit to spending $30 still makes me cringe. I personally believe there’s nothing wrong with being a little cheap in the makeup department.

Everything in 2018 seems to be really transparent; there isn’t much room for false advertising, because it seems as though everyone’s dirty secrets get found out and then posted to social media.

A lot of makeup bloggers have taken to their video channels to post their experiences having had used drugstore makeup. They buy products that are generally under $15, and put it to the test. Honestly, so much of the makeup makes their faces look exactly the same as the higher end stuff. Now, higher end does tend to have ingredients that are less pore-clogging, or so they claim.

If you want to stick to a drugstore look, it’s really important to always take off your makeup and wash your face well, before bed. Of course, this is true with any makeup you wear.

We have so much information right at the palm of our hands, so if you’re having trouble choosing between cheaper drugstore products, go to a review page. That way, you are making sure to get the most out of your makeup money!

Author: Haley DePass

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