This Toothbrush Tells You If You’re Brushing Your Teeth Correctly

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This toothbrush tells you if you suck at brushing your teeth or not. How does it do such a thing, you may be asking? This smart toothbrush, called ‘Truthbrush,’ collects data each time you brush your teeth. Just like a Fitbit tracks your exercise and physical activity, this toothbrush tracks your oral health and hygiene habits by taking your brush strokes.

The goal of the brush is to correct common mistakes made when brushing one’s teeth. Whether it’s not brushing far enough back in the mouth, brushing to hard and hurting the gums, or you name it…this brush is intended to make you a pro at brushing teeth. The nice thing about the Truthbrush is you cannot really tell there is any kind of tracking within it. It looks like a normal, unassuming toothbrush, and you don’t have to listen to a dentist correct you.

The data collected by the toothbrush is electronically sent to the researchers who created the brush, so they can analyze how you are brushing your teeth and offer suggestions on how to better them. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Author: Courtney

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