Wait, We Want to Synchronize Swim

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As this heatwave rages on, and we so no sign of it cooling off, we can’t help but think of ways we can still workout and stay cool. Sure, the gym has AC, and if you want to work out with 3 industrial fans pointed at you, you do that! But we sort of want to try synchronized swimming.

It’s not just a spectacle for the Summer Olympics. With all of the access we have to instructional videos, and how-tos, we can definitely hop in the pool with a friend and start practicing our underwater moves. There are a lot of really great reasons to try synchronized swimming.

1. It’s A Buddy Sport
Grab a friend, and even if you’re just goofing off a bit, it’s still a great way to bond with a pal.

2. It’s Empowering
Synchronized swimming is as challenging as it is graceful. It is the perfect balance of strength and femininity, which let’s face it is pretty dang empowering.

3. It’s Cool
It’s definitely cool in more ways than one. You’re in the pool, you’re mostly underwater. It also looks cool especially if you’ve got some great moves down.

4. It’s All-Inclusive
There’s no discrimination when it comes to synchronized swimming. You don’t have to fit a certain body type. You just have to know how to swim. That’s pretty crucial.

Author: Haley DePass

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