Planet Fitness’ Judgement Free Zone Is Our Favorite Way To Start The New Year

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It’s officially 2018… wasn’t 2006 like last year? Why is time moving so quickly? I MISS DISNEY CHANNEL! But I digress, with the new year comes a new opportunity to improve yourself on the inside and out, and Planet Fitness is giving you the chance to join with the new membership sale for just $1 down and $10 a month from now until January 10th! Busy schedules are no problem, most clubs are open and staffed 24/7, giving you every opportunity to keep up with that New Years Resolution. The ladies of WhoaBella absolutely LOVE Planet Fitness, we aren’t exactly bodybuilders, so the Judgment Free Zone® keeps us feeling comfortable and motivated during any stage of our workouts.

For me, when I think of judgment free I think of dogs, my dog Nala has been with me during my health kicks and during my pizza binges and hasn’t stopped loving me. Through all my ups and downs I can always count on her to be by my side supporting me through anything. She truly loves me no matter what, which is something I’d like to work on myself in 2018, and I really believe Planet Fitness can help me with that. I always struggle to find a gym that makes me feel comfortable, I’m always so worried about my self-image rather than focusing on my workout, but Planet Fitness’ Judgment Free Zone keeps me feeling comfortable like Nala is with me through my workout. She doesn’t see the 5lbs I tacked on during this holiday season, I want to live a life free of judgment like her.

The clubs are packed with knowledgeable and caring fitness trainers for any level of athletic capabilities. For me, cardio creates nearly immediate results for my body image, the only problem is I also hate doing it. After a while of getting back into the swing of things, it doesn’t seem as bad, but the initial return to running is tough. Luckily PF has a ton of flat screen TV’s strung across all of the cardio machines, and personally, watching the Kardashians makes my time on the treadmill fly by, I almost forget that my legs are going numb.

It’s not easy to keep motivated, believe me, I’ve gone months without working out a single day, but a support system works really well for me. Planet Fitness offers the Planet of Triumphs online community for members to connect and share their breakthroughs and get motivation when going through a lack of drive to get that daily workout in. No matter what shape or size, everyone belongs, and that is a great feeling to have when getting into the swing of fitness.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Planet Fitness to find the club nearest you and get started on your fitness journey!


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