Try Your Summer Workout In The Pool

Bella Breakdown

Stay cool this summer and take your workout into the pool. Working out in the pool is beneficial for your body, not to mention that it is super fun. Here are just a few of the benefits from exercising in the water…
You get stronger! Because water has way more resistance than air, it makes your movements a little bit harder. Therefore, you are growing your muscles.

It also allows for a greater range of movement. If your joints are stiff or you are recovering from an injury, working out in the water will allow for you have a wider range of movement. The buoyancy puts less stress on the joints. Pool workouts are great for people that are older than 50 and also reduces risk of injury.

Aqua pilates or yoga are unique and highly popular activities that people do in the water.

Change up your workout and hop in the pool next time you want to work those muscles!

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