Yoga For Your Face?

Bella Breakdown

There are a lot of very strange beauty trends, especially in 2018. I mean, you’ve seen the decorated eyebrows right? The nose lashes? Okay, so maybe this next one isn’t so strange. Face yoga is a somewhat newer practice, albeit a bit odd. The idea is that we work out our bodies to stay toned, healthy, and fit, why not our faces too?

So is face yoga actually beneficial? People seem to think so. The overall idea of facial yoga is to create blood circulation and draw in oxygen, in addition to relaxing tension in the face muscles. Facial yoga can help stimulate extra collagen production, creating the appearance of younger skin, and can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Let’s take it away from the face for a second. If you move your yoga skills down to the neck, you can help tighten muscles in your jaw and neck, and help get rid of the ever-hated double chin. So as strange as it may seem, facial yoga could actually be a great addition to your beauty and fitness routine. It’s also something you can do while sitting in the office, in your car, in the shower, before bed. It’s easy, and effective, just be sure to wash your hands. Adding dirt to your pores sort of defeats the purpose of beautiful skin.

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